Tiny Little Wild Blueberries

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I got some itty bitty, flavorful wild blueberries foraged from up north in Saskatchewan. So I made blue berry pancakes for my friends for brunch. Brunch is a whole other story I’ll tell you about later. I don’t have a killer pancake recipe, but I used to work at a fancy brunch place in Toronto as a hostess and they had the best buttermilk blueberry pancakes I’ve ever had. So I tried to recreate them.

I got a basic pancake recipe and substituted butter milk for the milk, and I upped the butter content by a lot, because I remember the pancakes I loved were really rich and would melt in your mouth, so you only needed to eat a little stack, to be satisfied. They were good but I still need to tweak the seasoning a little more to get the perfect balance between salty and sweet. Does anyone have a good buttermilk pancake recipe?


  1. Laura says:

    These were delicious! I think Troy had about 12 pancakes that day.

  2. Nolt45 says:

    The pancakes were delicious. So was the bacon. Everything was delicious. Thank you Christie.

  3. Colleen says:

    I’ve always wanted to try to make sourdough pancakes. But you have to have an active starter.


  4. Crust says:

    Sourdough pancakes would be great, but I don’t have a starter…yet! I didn’t move mine from Vancouver to Sask. It’s still in Ben’s fridge. Do you have a recipe for sourdough pancakes?

  5. Colleen says:

    I might. I will look in some of my books.

  6. Colleen says:

    Sourdough Pancakes (from Crust & Crumb, by Peter Reinhart)


    2 1/2 C Starter (wet, barm style)
    2 C AP flour
    1 C Milk or Buttermilk (room temperature)
    1 C Water (room temperature)


    1 tsp Salt
    2 large Eggs
    2 Tbsp Honey
    1 Tbsp melted Butter
    1 tsp Baking Soda

    – Mix the base the night before. Combine the flour, starter, milk and water until smooth. Cover and leave at room temperature overnight.

    – The next morning, whisk together the batter ingredients in a separate bowl. Add the base and stir until just blended. Don’t worry about lumps. Set aside, covered, for 30 minutes.

    – Ladle onto a hot skillet and cook as you would normal pancakes.

    Good luck with these! I haven’t tried them yet.

  7. Crust says:

    Wow, thanks Colleen.

  8. Mom says:

    How do you start the starter?

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