This is for my homies in Saskatoon!

Food — Tags: , — By Crust on February 6, 2009

Holy Shit! Holy Shit! I’m on Butter on the Endive!!!! I think everyone in the Vancouver food scene already knows about For those who don’t, it is one of the reasons I started my blog. It is my favorite food blog (sorry Michael Ruhlman). It is written by Owen Lightly a young, but seasoned cook, and it provides tons of good info. I am super stoked to be mentioned on it.

I have been following the blog for a while but I had never actually met Owen until I saw him at a party. I tried to play it cool, but ended up like, “OMG! OMG! I’m a superfan!” Sometime after that we decided to take out our cameras and shoot drunk pictures of each other for our blogs (maybe it was just me that was drunk). I have to admit I was worried that he was going to post a redwine stained-eyes half shut-sweaty picture of me. I’m glad that he didn’t, but I think the pic I got of him is good so here it is.

Own at a party

Owen at a party

Thanks for the support Owen!


  1. nicole says:

    haha isn’t a food blog–its a “we’re so lovey dovey and having fun” blog

  2. Lidbin says:

    Yeah Cripsy, glade to see the blog is getting good responses!

  3. Crust says:

    Lidbin! It’s Icebin, that’s a cute pic of David in the background. He’s way cuter than Baldy McWood. I can’t stand that damn Lunchbin!

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