The Wildebeest Room

Food — By Crust on December 28, 2013


A dark little hole where you can cozy up with a good cocktail, relax and enjoy. I love the original decor of this room, it is like a time capsule from the 60’s. It is complete with a vintage coffee table of matchbooks from around the world that my Grandmother made. There is even a Golden Dragon matchbook embedded in there from a time when phone numbers only had 5 digits. There is also the hide of a wildebeest that my Grandpa shot when he was on safari in Africa in the 60’s. If you need to get away this is the perfect little cocktail lounge to hide out in.


  1. Mom says:

    Your great grandfather collected the matchbooks and made the table. He was your gramma Shirley’s dad. Xo

  2. Mom says:

    Also A + on your spelling 😉

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