The Wild West

Food — By Crust on September 6, 2014




Winter is coming again soon and I am catching up on some writing now before the winter rush. I am realizing that I have left a lot out in the last 3 years. I found this excerpt from last winter that I never posted.

“Ever since I moved back to Saskatoon I have been feeling a sense of extreme freedom like I am in some sort of wild west. I have gotten my gun license and have been shooting and butchering like never before. I go out in the cold dressed in leather and mink and it is so surreal like a silent snowy desert where possibilities are endless. There is no bad weather here only bad clothing. There is no where else I would rather live.”

I still feel this way and although I am enjoying the last month of summer and this beautiful harvest season I am not dreading the winter. I haven’t written much since the restaurant has been open. When I was working for other people I would learn so much through my mistakes and I would write about it, but having my own restaurant I am afraid to tell my mistakes. Now that is has been three years I have had so many insane learning experiences that I am sad I did not document them. All I can do is start from here with a wealth of perspective and no fear in heart.

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