The Room

Food — By Crust on February 23, 2010

This is an amazing room, it’s got character and all the details that make it lovely. The light in the restaurant is stunning during the day, it’s like getting drunk in a solarium which is my dream come true. I love a dark dank bar more than anyone but feeling the early afternoon sun on your back and a cold beer in your hand is so good and relaxing. It’s so bright and happy in there that rainbows appear out of nowhere if you’re there at the right hour. There are always people coming and going, saying hello, making their daily Gastown rounds. I love the antiques, like the bar stools and the server stations. At first I wasn’t sure about the mirrors on the ceiling but now I love them. They are all tilted different ways and when you are sitting at the bar on a busy night and you look up you don’t see mirrors, you see a sea of people. You can also see what the table way across the room is eating , the mirrors show off the food really well. You can sneak peaks at other tables without being obvious, it is quite entertaining when your sitting there with a cocktail. One time when I was skimming a stock I was staring off into space and I looked up at one of the mirrors and I was surprised to see raindrops falling into a puddle on the street, it looked so beautiful, you never know what you’re going to see in them. It’s also good for the cooks that the kitchen is in the big beautiful room, it can be very visually stimulating. I guess the people make it too, the place is full of good people. I’m very happy there.

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  1. Jackie says:

    I love your pictures.

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