The Fear

Food — By Crust on December 21, 2008

The Fear is something Kyle made up. It is when you are in the middle of the rush and you lose track of what you are doing and then you just panic and start firing food, then once it’s all over you have so much extra cooked food on your station that you look like an idiot. The most common time and place for this was on the Feenie’s grill station, the “burger rush” would hit and the guy next to the printer that prints the orders would look at you and yell, “start firing burgers!!!!!”. At the end of it all Kyle would walk over and say, “look at your station, look how many extra fries you have left over, look at those burgers, you got the fear didn’t you.”  And then we would laugh and laugh and eat the burgers, but I would try not to get the fear next time. One time I got the risotto fear, so much risotto.

p.s. I think that Bailey from WKRP is pretty


  1. nolt45 says:

    Maybe “the fear” is a cover for “free burgers after work”?

  2. crust says:

    No, because in all the good kitchens I’ve worked in the cooks can eat whatever and whenever they want all day within reason, no foie gras. The reasoning is that if you are there for 12 hrs a day there needs to be some perks so the chefs gladly let you eat, but usually everyone is so busy that they don’t even get time to eat the staff meal that is prepared. Also chefs want the cooks to know the food they are cooking, if I’m every curious about a combo of flavors I prep a dish and eat it. wow this should have been a post. oops

  3. BryGuy says:

    Off line to hang myself with a rope made of of burgers!!!!!!

  4. Crust says:

    hahaha! I love you! The other day I said “off line to hang myself with a rope made of saran wrap.” Nobody laughed, I was like “what? to real?”

  5. Matt R. says:

    Ditto on Bailey. Mousey = hot.

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