Food — By Crust on September 27, 2011

Even if you’ve been cooking for a long time cuts can still happen. Kyle was on no sleep from his sous chef job and then he was helping me prep for a huge catering and he stabbed his own hand. We were going to wrap it in duck tape but when he took off the paper towel there was too much white tissue showing. We called our friend who is a doctor and asked her to stitch it but she didn’t have the stuff, so Kyle went to the hospital while I kept prepping. He didn’t want freezing because he didn’t want his hand to be numb so he couldn’t prep anymore. They let him do it without the freezing and he said that it hurt more than he thought it would. He came back and helped me prep and we made it to the job on time.


  1. The Other Mom says:

    Awwww, does Kyle have a boo boo? I have Sponge Bob bandaids here for him just like always : )

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