Nice little place in the Red light district

Crust out of the kitchen — By Crust on August 17, 2009












Kyle and I stayed here for a few nights because it was closer to De Kas and the red light district. It was a student accomadation for 4 euros a night that we found out about from one of Kyle’s cousins. It was sunny and beautiful. Our room only had a sink so I had baths in the laundry sink in the laundry room next door. I fit perfectly, it was so fun. We shared a key with another guy to get into the main doors so we were supposed to follow his hours, but there was no way we were going to be home by midnight every night. After work we would go out and go crazy, we found some great shit hole bars. Our fav was the place we called the clown bar, it was decorated like a tripped out circus from the 60’s. It always had locals in it and the old bar lady was the owner and she would chain smoke and talk to the guests. The T.V.’s in the clown bar were always playing the latest fashion collections from across Europe so I loved that. We would leave our window open even though we weren’t supposed to so that we could get back in to get a few hours sleep before work. Once Kyle was climbing in and he got in a screaming match with the hotel owner next door because they thought he was breaking in. The next night we took some herbal xtc and drank our faces off, I decided I could scale the wall and swing into the window in my heels. Kyle said I he would catch me if I fell and that I just needed to swing my leg really hard, no hesitation. I hesitated and fell like a rag doll right on Kyle. We were both fine, he completely broke my fall. The next morning he had a pretty sore neck and I realized that all of the polish was scraped off my big toe and my next toe was broken near the tip, I taped it to my other toe with a bandaid and I think it’s going to be fine. From then on we decided that it would be more discreet for him to boost me in then I could run through and let him in the front. We would have our breakfast in the courtyard out back, and listen to music on the macbook and smoke joints. We just got some crazy looking mushrooms from Hawaii, but we haven’t eaten any yet.


  1. Nicole says:

    I am getting a little concerned about you in Europe! Remember to watch out for men with cold sores!!!!

  2. Nolt45 says:

    Ya, men with cold sores always try to steal your passport.

  3. mom says:

    Whoa girl, take it easy, people can party too hard and unfortunate things can happen…Love…your mum, who worries and says a prayer for you every night..
    Take care xoxoxoxoxo

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