Food — By Crust on May 1, 2010

“Neo-naturalism: earthy ingredients presented with a deceptive simplicity that belies the scientific reasearch underneath.”

I read this in Food and Wine. I like it because I’ve always thought that natural, earthy food that comes directly from nature and the earth is the most beautiful. The element of surprise is also paramount to the eating experience. The example they used was a simple bowl of crabmeat, but only some of it was crab and the rest was sunchokes that had been treated to resemble crab meat. Simple, clean presentation with the element of surprise. I think my chef at Coi was really into this. I feel like I wasn’t ready to see the food at Coi when I did but now I can’t stop thinking about it.


  1. Jessica says:

    I totally dig that too.

    At noma in Copenhagen they serve a terracotta pot of soil with radishes and young vegetables sticking out… when you pull them out of the “soil” they have been first dipped in some green puree…and the black “soil” is actually moist, tarragon flavoured hazelnut meal.

    You will love the photos from noma….

  2. Crust says:

    The two of you are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, those links have so much incredible info. I’ve been feeling so inspired but also feeling so alone. No one shares my style or beliefs at Boneta. It’s good to know that this shit is real.

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