Making it nice

Food — By Crust on October 20, 2011

Making the restaurant nice is fun. We are having a good time doing it, we work everyday until we get tired and then we go eat and then work for another few hours. Kyle sanded down all the butcher blocks today and we patched the holes in the kitchen floor and in the wall. We just work with what we have so as not to spend money that we don’t have. It will be ready when it is ready. We are going to buy a vacuum from a pawn shop tomorrow morning.


  1. The Other Mom says:

    It’s looking good. So funny to see Kyle with power tools. Make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. LOL

  2. bryn says:

    setting up a kitchen is such a fun process! congrats on jumping in 🙂

    all the best,

    [friend of m&w]

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