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Food — By Crust on December 18, 2015

Our philosophy has taken all 4 of the years we have been open to shape itself and it continues to change as we learn.
One good way to explain it is that we try and work like a crew of old timey house wives, down to the last detail. We wring out and wash all of our kitchen rags by hand and lovingly put them in our energy efficient washing machine with borax. We then hang them to dry on a clothes line on the patio, or in the lounge in the winter.

Our restaurant philosophy is really inspired by my Grandmother and the way she ran her household and entertained guests. We love quality things like vintage fine bone china and crystal rocks glasses. I even use her case of 50 pheasant tumblers as water glasses. She wanted each of her guests to have a matching glass when they attended her garden parties in her backyard on Sask Cresent. Sadly not many of those tumblers remain after three years but I believe beautiful things are meant to be used and experienced not just tucked away and forgotten. Hand made lace table cloths and doilies are also used throughout the restaurant, and great care is taken in our tea service. We believe that the time and grace someone put into crocheting the intricate doilies beneath our tea pots adds to the experience and can bring the tea drinker into the moment.

The doilies and cloth napkins are washed, ironed and folded neatly in house by our staff. Our team is always on the hunt for vintage cocktail glasses to add to our collection and refresh it as things get broken. Wine glasses are the one piece that we buy new as we take great pride in our wine service and believe that a beautifully crafted glass lends itself to our sommelier’s carefully chosen wines. Some of our glass can be repaired when it breaks by a glass blower but not all. We try to waste nothing and take nothing for granted.

It seems I have a lot to say about every little thing that we do. It has been swirling in my mind over the last 4 years that I have been cooking in our kitchen. It is time to write about it.

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