Gabriel’s Farm Sapo Bravo

Food — By Crust on July 16, 2010

The farm is in an increadibly hot part of B.C. up near Lillooet. There are wild horses, tall grass and bears. Right now Gabriel has walla walla onions, cherries, garlic and baisil. The quality of what he produces is the best I’ve seen. The best tomatoes and peaches I’ve ever had have been from his farm, and I can’t wait to have some this year when they are ready.

The Farm is called Sapo Bravo, I’m not sure what it means and I forgot to ask. He offered us beer, and he said he normally brews his own but he has been busy with his new baby. We had home made goat cheese on crakers and some fresh cut greens. We were close to his farm because we were on a dirt bike camping trip. I don’t dirt bike, I just lay around and read.


  1. Eric Rochon says:

    Damn those BC Pine Beetles, in references to 2nd last picture of the set.

  2. ac says:

    Still there?

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