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Food — By Crust on January 18, 2010

We walk around a new area of SF everyday and today we walked around the Mission. We chilled out on the grass of Delores park with the other slackers. Then we did some shopping in the Castro district and had some beer at a German beer house. Then we wanted wood fire pizza so we took the bus to Flour and Water. It was crazy busy, we drank some nice wine while we waited and described what we tasted and smelled in the wine to each other. Flour and Water must make so much money. They sell so much wine and their main ingredients are flour and water.


  1. Troy says:

    looks like pretty much the best place to live… so jealous!

  2. Douglas T. says:

    Maryanne and I drove to Bay Area in ’95 to deliver some art furniture to a buyer there..quite a well known (old dude) artist named Gary Knox Bennett…(Alameda) We were staying with people, were a little freaked by the business and the scale of things, and thus did not get out dining much…the focus was on studio visits, galleries etc. It’s a vague memory. We camped in a tent or stayed (slept) in the truck sometimes… was about that….we sought-out the deserts, canyons, and wild places en route in off-season. Love, … a fellow hunter/gatherer Uncle Doug

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