Creeping on the French Laundry

Food — By Crust on January 12, 2010











Ever since I started working at Feenie’s I have been aware of the power of the French Laundry. I remember hearing the cooks around me talking about it and being confused about what it was. Then one day Bryan showed me the cook book and told me all about the ‘importance of rabbit’, and big pot blanching.

Our first day off Kyle and I hopped in the truck and drove out to Napa to creep around the premises. It was still closed for Christmas holidays. We can’t afford to eat there but we wanted to see it in person. There was no glowing white aura around it like a thought there would be but it had a very nice garden.

While we were in Napa we went to eat at a restaurant called Ubuntu, they have the same garden concept as the French Laundry only they’ve taken it to the next level. There is also a restaurant called Manresa that has the farm/garden concept. I love to see the new generation of restaurants that take the inspiration of the Laundry to another level.


  1. Matt R. says:

    Wow, things look great. Those watermelon radishes are so good roasted, and it’s nice to see that bottom photo of the calendula. Spring is right around the corner!

    Great stuff!

  2. Colleen says:


    I need to plan a trip there someday.

  3. Troy says:

    nice photos Christy!

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