Food — By Crust on March 22, 2010

Scotty and I went for coffee at Moja’s in North Van, because his buddy Tristan works there. Tristan showed me how to pour a rosetta because I have been practicing for months at Boneta without success, he offered to give me some pointers. The coffee there was really good, they roast all their own beans. It is also very sunny in there which I really love. A good coffee, with lots of crema and perfectly micro foamed milk is how I like my coffee right now. I think being able to pour a good coffee from an espresso machine is a good asset for a cook to have. I like to work on my skills, coffee skills, wine skills, skills. Most bartenders that I’ve worked with at restaurants can pour beautiful lattes with rosettas on top. I finally decided that I wanted to do it. A rosetta shows that the milk has been foamed correctly, to the right micro foam consistency, it also shows that the espresso has been extracted with sufficient crema. So it’s not just stupid shit on your coffee, it means that it has been done right, quality, with care.

I feel I should also say that I don’t know much about coffee, some people study it and do tastings and all that. I don’t know much compare to some people I’ve met.


  1. Troy says:

    don’t forget about nunchuk skills and computer hacking skills

  2. Trevor says:

    damnit if troy didnt beat me to the Napolean Dynamite reference.

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