Chow closing tonight

Food — By Crust on May 10, 2009


I have made this beet salad a thousand times and I loved it every time I made it. Such beautiful food, unique style, so clean and almost cartoon like. Now all the restaurants I’ve worked at will be closed. I hope someday I work at a place I can go back and visit. It’s crazy for a young cook when a restaurant you worked at closes. It feels weird. I don’t think I can say anymore about this.

I’m going down for a drink tonight with everyone else, you are welcome to come. I’m there to show my support for my old team; Boner-“It wasn’t me it was the dikon”, Lidbin-“I can’t hear you. Nut-ting. Nut-ting is coming”, Bobby Dangler-“Crunchie, pants, let’s go.”

Love Crust

P.S. “you guys are great”


  1. Kyle Michael says:

    wow sending my support from europe. I learned a lot there ! Thank you J C.

  2. Colleen says:

    I am very disappointed that this has happened to such a great restaurant. But I can say that I have worked for three places that are closed as well. It is a shame that Vancouver can’t support the truly great places in this town like Aurora Bistro, Gastropod and Chow, and yet flock to places like Earl’s. It is so screwed up.

  3. ac says:

    Places like Earls brainwash their market early. They get them when they’re in highschool when they’re looking for jobs, blow smoke up their asses about (casual)’fine dining’, feed them wings through college and have a captive audience by the time they graduate. Earls’ penchant for split shifts, and providing a staff room makes it easier to keep people immersed in the culture.

    I would say maybe we should try to reach out to the university students so when their net worth increases they’ll already be our loyal customers; but really do you want a restaurant full of noisy college kids? I don’t, although I guess it beats a restaurant full of dead air…

  4. Nathalie says:

    Incredible loss. I’m so sad, I’m speachless.

  5. Nathalie says:


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