Best Little Macaroon

Food — Tags: , — By Crust on December 2, 2009


These are my favorite treat. I thought I didn’t like them because all the ones I’ve had in the past have been too sweet. The pastry chef at Boneta makes them perfect and not too sweet, it has a coffee flavor in the middle. He gives them to me sometimes.

I had a bad service today, I had a double batch of gnocchi to roll out and I didn’t get to it until 5:00 and we had a large party at 5:30. I felt bad all service and I kept making dumb mistakes. I just kept trying to do better each pick up but I kept making mistakes. Tomorrow is a new day, I will try again tomorrow. Jeremie catches all my mistakes.

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  1. jessica says:

    that’s the good thing about this life. the next day is the next day. if you have a bad service you just have to brush yourself off and start over again.

    my favorite macaroons are Thierry’s. i have cravings for them sometimes.

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