Winter roots

Food — By Crust on February 2, 2012

This is a snack on the menu to help us get through winter in Saskatchewan, it is very simply orange and purple sweet potato fries, served with house made ranch. I know that they don’t get really crispy but they are caramelized and good. I put this on the menu because I want to eat it on a regular basis throughout the winter. Orange sweet potatoes are high in beta carotene which our bodies need in the depths of winter, purple sweet potatoes are very high in anti oxidants and both are high in vitamin C. The nutrients are actually better absorbed when consumed with a bit of fat which is why eating them as fries makes them the ultimate winter comfort snack with a dark ale. The ranch was inspired by Travis and Scotty who used to whip up ranch dip online to dip their onion rings into.

Scotty helped us open. He came to Saskatoon, and we weren’t sure if we could open or not. With his help we got up the prep and the courage to open to the public, and we have been open ever since. The help with organizing the line and running service was incredible, not to mention the late nights in the dish pit with a smoke in one hand and a bourbon in the other. Thanks for the push buddy, we love you, you are hard as fuck.

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