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Food — By Crust on March 20, 2011

No more waiting. We were waiting to buy but we want something now, so we are going to find something for lease. We are looking in the 20th street area of Saskatoon because it is an older more run down neighborhood that has a lot of character. 20th is close to the river, downtown, the farmers market, and many other good things. To us it is the Gastown of Saskatoon. My cousin and her partner just bought a farm along with some other young couples from the horticulture society, so I hope there will be some beautiful vegetables growing this summer. If we can find a place I think the timing will be right. We also plan to do a lot of small road trips throughout Saskatchewan this summer to show Kyle around and to get acquainted with the nature here.
It’s been weird trying to figure out how this blog fits in to things now that I’m back home, especially since I’m in school and Peach quit his blog. I finally decided that I was keeping this as a journal for myself and my family and friends back home, so I will still keep it as a journal for myself and my friends and family back in my other home of B.C.. I was just back there to visit Bryan, Scotty, Travis and Satoshi. Scheming with them is always the most fun, they are amazing to me and give good advice. We roamed in a pack around Gastown, drinking everywhere, eating everything and smoking california hash. In and out of Meat and Bread and in and out of the 5, drinking espresso or tequila when we would get tired. I came back with a sore liver and blotchy skin knowing that is was time for us to do our own thing in Saskatoon.


  1. Nolto says:

    I’m excited. I also want to get aqua-tinted with nature; that sounds awesome.

  2. Crust says:

    Ha! damn you auto correct!

  3. peach says:

    i’m still alive. http://www.eatapeachforhours.com

    now i just write about whatever.

  4. mum says:

    I want you both to take better care of your livers… xoxoxoxo

  5. Tamara says:

    lol at Tyler – quit being such a shit disturber.
    and I’m also extremely excited!

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