Ubuntu Garden

Food — By Crust on January 26, 2010

This was a beautiful garden, all the ground surrounding the area was so rich, moist and fertile. There were wild mushrooms everywhere. The chickens were so beautiful and healthy looking, their eggs are used at the restaurant and they are the most amazing shades, blue, green, tan, warm brown, grey brown, speckled. In the green house there are lots of micros and sprouts that always change, I liked the pale spindly buckwheat sprouts they taste sweet. They have a board hanging in the barn that lists the needs of the restaurant. I loved spending time there.

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  1. Matt R. says:

    You are a lucky duck. Lacanato kale, bull’s blood beets, rainbow chard, cats … looks like my back yard! Wish I had the rest of it, most of the time.

    Why no garlic yet? It should be sprouted by now.

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