The Whole Animal

Food — By Crust on December 18, 2015


This is us trying to flesh and tan the hide of an Iclandic sheep that was delivered whole to the restaurant. We screwed it to the wooden table and started scraping but we didn’t have the proper tools and we kept puncturing the hide. We felt we were in a race against time because you need to get it salted immediately but we were struggling to remove the fat and flesh. Suddenly we realized that a million ticks were beginning to crawl out of the thick wool. We freaked out, unscrewed it, threw it in a garbage bag and started frantically calling professionals. We found a guy and drove it out to him emergency crew style and 3 weeks later he had it ready for us. It is beautiful, and we will invest in the proper tools before we try again, but I want to put theses gorgeous hides all over the restaurant in winter.

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