The only hard part about living the dream is that you have to live the dream

Food — By Crust on December 5, 2011

That is what our friend Lucas said when he first started working at Lumiere, and that is what we say now. I had all of these grandiose thoughts about being “chef at market” and wearing heels and having it together to go pick up produce at the farmers market. Instead I run in frantically like a crazy person and on my days off I have resorted to wearing runners and the equivalent of a snuggie out to do my banking because I’m so tired and my feet are so sore. I’m getting used to the long days again and I like the variety of the work. I do some office work, some serving, some bar tending, some prep, some service, and some dish everyday. The first two weeks were good, we will hire more people and then try and balance things out.


  1. James says:

    Hey Kyle and Christie! It’s James! Congrats on the opening! Hope I can make it to Saskatoon sometime to try it out.

  2. The Other Mom says:


  3. Matt R. says:

    Looks awesome, and I’m totally stealing that quote.

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