The New Year

Food — By Crust on January 2, 2010










We are subletting an apartment in Japan town in San Fran, so we have been buying all our groceries from there. We had octopus sashimi, tokyo turnips, sushi rice and nori for new years dinner. This place has a pool and a hot tub so we drank sake in the hot tub to bring in the new year.

New Years day we got up early found the tops of the bubbly bottles we popped all over the apartment and went out in search of Dim Sum. The streets were covered in the debris of new years festivities. Confetti, barf, torn up calendars, party hats, broken beer bottles, it was hilarious. On the way we sussed out the locations of Coi and and some restaurants where Kyle is looking at staging. In Chinatown we bought some little fire crackers and threw those along the way. China town was packed new years day because everything else is closed. They have there own new year. Some cooks I used to work with told me about the best dim sum place called Yank Sing. We went and it was amazing. Best dim sum of my life. The soft shell crab was my favorite, but everything was super good.

For the new year, I want to try everyday to be better, and stay in a humble state of mind, in the moment, non judgmental. This will lead to being very kind and laughing.


  1. The Other Mom says:

    Sounds like you had a good New Years. We missed you here but you will both look back on these experiences for the rest of your lives. I wish I had done a lot more at your age but I was stuck at home with Kyle!!!!!

  2. mum says:

    It looks like you are in a nice place. I checked out Coi and it looks like you will learn a lot of new and different dishes. Sounds like you had a fun New Years Eve. Can hardly wait till your next blog. Love, mum.

  3. Crust says:

    Hi Christie,

    Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know that I love receiving your blog posts—I’ve been subscribing since your amazing brunch post—we all love those peasant glasses and mis-matched tea cups! It’s exciting and not to mention inspiring to follow along on your adventures. All the best in San Fran—my favorite food city! Promise me you’ll check out Ti Coutz in the Mission District (17th and Valencia) for breakfast. They make amazing crepes—the “La Totale” and “Citron Sucre” are my all-time favorites.


  4. Matt R. says:

    Those turnips look good!

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