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The Kitchen — By Crust on October 26, 2008

This is where I spend 12 hrs a day. Noon until midnight. At Chow there are five stations, GM, Pastry, Entramatier, Sauce, and the pass. Most days we have no one on the pass and ENT and Sauce plate all their own dishes. I have worked all the stations and am currently on Sauce/Meat/Fish. Entremat is the hardest station with the most prep and most dishes. Meat deals with the most expensive products and calls the bill times and runs the line. GM is hard to because there is alot of mise en place that has to be done fresh everyday or even al a minute. Fuck pastry.* 

I usually work with 3 other people. If the people are negative I am very sensitive to that and it makes the day hard for me. If the people are a good team and there are a few jokers amongst them it makes the day so good. Most cooks aren’t as sensitive to others as I am and it is a challenge but it is the way I am and in some ways it is a strength. In other ways I am not sensitive, I am tough.

*months later I feel bad for saying this. I was just upset that I had been on pastry over the summer instead of moving directly from entremat to meats.

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