The Honeymoon

Food — By Crust on January 7, 2014

We started off back in Amsterdam where we first fell in love. We smoked the volcano then hit the streets for chocolate and fine beers. It was a crisp sunny day and I feel so at home in Amsterdam, I had missed it and it reminded me instantly of how far I had come since the time we spent together there 3 years earlier. Kyle, always hungry found a fresh fish shop where they were butchering the days catch. All the extra trim bits were being battered and deep fried in a deep fryer just out side the door of the shop. The lady asked if we wanted “sauce with de kippen”? and we said yes. She handed us a newspaper cone filled with hot steaming fish bits with tarter sauce, we ate it by the canal and it tasted so hot and fresh in the chilly air.





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    Congrats, you two! Glad you are able to get away!

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