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Food — Tags: — By Crust on October 22, 2009

When there is a case of baby shiitakes to de-stem or 3 cases of baby carrots to clean, tag team that shit. Nothing makes you look like more of a rockstar cook than putting your prep aside for a minute and jumping in to help tag team a shit job. When you see someone nodding out and losing momentum on a big monotonous job, appearing at their side to bang it out together can be a life saver for that person. It wakes them up and gets them going, it’s good team building and it’s good for moral. Plus next time you’re shucking favas someone might just appear next to you. Plus it’s fun to say tag team in the kitchen, it leads to many jokes, “speaking of tag team, Boner and I tag teamed your mom last night.” It gets a lot funnier from there, with graphic details and descriptions.


  1. Mom says:

    No comment..lol

  2. kobra kai says:

    boner would….!

  3. Boner says:


    You got some great stuff here! I am a virgin to your blog and like the time under the stairs, YOU POPPED MY CHERRY.

    Ps. I want that tag time video back of my MOM.

  4. Crust says:

    holy shit bone, you’ve never seen my blog? I owe so much to you, you are one of my idols!

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