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A Stage is a trial shift at a restaurant to see if you want to work there or if they want to hire you. I did a stage just recently that was really good. The time went by really fast. I felt busy and useful and I saw some beautiful products. I saw some crazy shit I ain’t never seen before called radicchio castelfranco, it’s beige with maroon speckles. I also saw the most beautiful fish I’ve ever seen and they said that he wasn’t even that nice compare to what they usually get.
I was really happy to finally meet a cook named Kirby. Lots of my other friends know him and love him and now I know him and love him. He really knew how to handle a stage too! He gave me jobs and carefully showed me how he wanted them done so that he got what he wanted as an end result. He showed me a brilliant garlic mincing trick, how to properly clean black trumpets and a ton about pasta. His generosity with his knowledge warmed my heart. If that wasn’t enough, during a really busy Friday night service he managed to make me little tasters of the menu items. It’s people like that that make you want to work at a place. Also, when staff meal was up I was finishing a job for the guy on garde-manger, Matty. Even though Matty was super busy he plated up some staff meal and brought it to me. That was really nice because I hate to admit this but I always feel really shy about eating staff meal during a stage (I know, I’ve got worrying problems). It was a good day.

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  1. Yoo says:

    Sounds like you found a great fit. Good luck on the new job, I hope you will be able to create posts on some of the things you learned, they sound intriguing; garlic mincing trick and black trumpet cleaning etc…

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