Food — By Crust on March 21, 2014

Haha I just remembered I got my nails done just before we left so that I could feel like a girl on my honeymoon instead of a working man in the kitchen. We rented a car in Portugal and drove to Spain, that way we could stop anytime we wanted. We stopped in a Eucalyptus forest for a beer and the smell was overwhelming it filled the entire car. Kyle did all the driving and Bryan did all of the navigating while Anna booked all of the accommodations from her iPhone. Kyle is an amazing European driver with all the tiny streets and twists and turns it was like him and Bryan were a rally car team. Bryan did so good with his paper map and the GPS that had a lady voice so we called her “Miss GPS”.

Once over the boarder into Spain we got an apartment and then went out for croquettes, gazpacho, sangria, and tortas which were amazing crispy discs made entirely of tiny shrimp they were so good. Every morning we would go out for cafe con leche.








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  1. The Other Mom says:

    Amazing pictures!! I love seeing all these places through your eyes. Makes me feel like I am there with you xoxoxoxoxoxo

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