Saskatchewan Pine and Chanterelle Mushrooms

Food — By Crust on August 29, 2011

Kyle and I drove up north in our new catering van for the night to pick mushrooms. We had fun catching up with each other over wine, mushrooms and music. It was magical. In the morning we got out of the back of the van and found chanterelles and fragrant pine mushrooms. The ground was covered by silvery grey lichen and the chanterelles were peaking out. The forest out here is seriously beautiful. There were also lots of wild blueberries, rose hips and labrador tea. By the end of the day my bag was full.


  1. Mom says:

    Glad you two made the trip and had some relax time together. xoxo

  2. The Other Mom says:

    I’m glad you found some time together. It’s been so crazy for you both lately and when you did have some time you were rudely interupted by a couple of old farts! : )

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