Playing Catchup

Food — Tags: , , — By Crust on February 7, 2010

I’ve been stuggling to get settled these last few days. I arrived back in town and decided to stay with Bryan in his bachelor until I could find a place. I was supposed to go back to the place on Broadway and Main that I was at before, but some shit went down and I lost the place. Bryans place is small but it has all the books I need to keep busy. I love staying there and reading all day. Kyle and I decided that we would share a one bedroom because it is the Olympics ane all the rent is jacked up, We searched for 2 days straight and couldn’t find something that felt like we weren’t getting ripped off. Then on the 3rd day I noticed on Facebook that Boner had his place up for sublet. I cooked with him for so long at Chow so we know eachother pretty good. His place was affordable and available for 3 months, so we took it. He has been cooking on a private yacht for most of the year, and he is going to continue to be away. So we finally got a place, but it only has internet sometimes. Then we ran around having meetings about jobs. I started Boneta on Wednesday and Kyle starts at Voya next week. We will both be working the graveyard shift for the Olympics. I’m with Scott Dicks 12am-12pm. I’m going to see the flip side of life and avoid the crowds.

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