Pineapple weed

Food — By Crust on June 29, 2013


This herb is easy to find because if you walk over a patch the sweet pineapple smell will alert you. It is also known as wild chamomile and it grows all over Saskatoon. We forage ours from happy bug farms and use it in our floral tea blend. Pineapple weed has many health benefits as an anti inflammatory, especially good for menstrual cramps and it calms the nervous system. I pick this beautiful herb whenever I see it for the pure aromatherapy of it. I am also working on some recipes and preserves using this weed, I will tell you more as my tests progress.


  1. Mom says:

    So glad u r writing again… Xo

  2. The Other Mom says:

    Me too : P

  3. Interested says:

    Might just have to stop by to try the tea. Thanks for the information. Rox

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