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Food — By Crust on September 13, 2009





I pickled and preserved for 9 hours today at my new job. In Fall everything comes in mass amounts from the local organic farms. I got to work side by each with the chef all day and he was such a pleasure to be around. So fun, genuine and passionate. I really lucked out with this job, because I was so sad leaving Vancouver that I wouldn’t get to spend the Autumn canning on Sundays with my friends, so I’m lucky that I at least get paid to do it. I’m learning a lot from this chef too, about preserving.

I’m also learning how to not waste anything, this chef is the king of finding a use for everything. They are good uses to, not gross bullshit like chanterelle trim soup for staff meal, “mmm, tastes like the real forest, like pine needles and dirt…”

There were mustard seeds, some crushed black pepper and some sliced garlic that was left in the bottom of the pot after our brine was poured out, he told me to save them and use them for mustard in the next vinaigrette I make. I would of just put the pot in dish. I got a good 250ml full of juicy, briny mustard seeds that blended nicely into my vinaigrette. Which was made with the juice the roasted red peppers give off.

Another thing was he made crabapple jelly. He cooked down the apples whole with sugar then hung them in an apron for the jelly. Then he took what was left and put it through a food mill and cooked that down to make delicious apple butter.

I was straining the lentils and he got me to keep the grey liquid they cooked in for soup base. I tasted it and it was delicious, it tasted lentily and seasoned and full of nutrients. No waste, no waste at all, opposite of the waste.


  1. Colleen says:

    Oh Good! I am so glad that you got such an interesting job!
    Got your new # by the way. And the pickles look BE YOO TI FUL!

  2. Jonnek says:

    What’s the name of the restaurant? I’m quite interested in patronizing a restaurant operated by a happy and environmental conscious chef.


  3. Crust says:

    The name of the place is Souleio.

  4. Jonnek says:

    Too bad its in Saskatoon. I thought its in Vancouver. Anyway, I like those kind of eateries just like De Kas. Its all about eating local food and whats in season.

  5. paul says:

    I am doing the same thing today – I am moving to a gulf island where there is no store and my mind is racing with ideas of what I can can or preserve to fill my pantry for winter – there are alot of firsts for me – blackberry jam, smoking pink salmon that I caught on the beach that day, corn relish, dilly beans and those pickles are sitting upstairs waiting to be coddled somehow tomorrow and canned – I am not a cook by trade – on the other side of the house but I love cooking and your blog always gives me so many ideas of what to try – I like what you appreciate and hold high – I also think that you are on one hell of a path after following your steps.

    One thing that I don’t get is that Globe and Mail review of the Diamond – were you just contracted out to set them up through opening and then you went on your way – cause it seemed to me, after reading your blog and other sources that this was your gig – your name on a kitchen – it was just wierd.

    Keep up the beautiful pictures and your unique way of showing us your love of food.

  6. Crust says:

    Thank you for the lovely comment, and good luck on the island.

    I was just contracted out to set them up through the opening. They wanted me to make a simple menu that could be executed easily. I didn’t want to commit. I felt that I wasn’t ready to have my name on a kitchen, or make a menu. I didn’t want to make a menu in Vancouver having only worked in Vancouver. At that point I wanted to keep moving up and forward and learning. It’s actually just starting to hit me now, what an amazing chance that was for me. It pushed me ahead so much in my career, and I often think about that menu all alone without me. It was sweet, I was my own boss and I had a new daily special everyday. In my heart of hearts I know that it’s not time for me to settle into a chef position right now. I’ve got to keep building up my resume and experience.

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