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The Kitchen — By Crust on August 17, 2009






At my stage I they ask me what I want to do everyday. I’ve worked with everyone once and it is good, but no one is ever in the shit. We would do jobs together or once in a while they would give me jobs to do by myself. I would gratefully pound it out and ask for another job, but they didn’t really know what to do with me.

The menu is to simple and the guys can mechanically pump it out. They have so much time. They start at 10, they set up. They do prep, they have morning lunch for the staff. One guy puts out warm bread, charcuterie, cheese, peanut butter, chocolate sprinkles, herring, jam, mustard, tomato, lettuce and juice, milk, and ice water. Every staff member, wanders over and makes them self a sandwich and has a juice. They have the best apple juice there. Then they do lunch, it hasn’t been very busy at lunch. A couple of days there have been 70 or 90 in the book for lunch. Then they scrub down and have a break with drinks served in the garden. Then they prep, then they have staff meal, then set up for service. They pre-plate the base of the 1st coarse, then put it on a rack and roll, the main course side pre-cooks some meat and fish, which I don’t think is good. No stress during service, no stress ever. I need a little rush. It’s a bit like a hotel. I’d rather start later and push harder, or if I’m going to be there all day make it harder by cooking everything to order. I think the first coarse thing makes sense, but not the fish. They said that it isn’t a busy time for them, but when it is busy it is necessary. Everything is very consistent.

It also made me think that if I ever have a stage in my kitchen for a few days or longer, their first day I will give them a job that needs to be done everyday. Something simple like herbs for the day, that they can come in set up a spot for themselves and know what there first job is, while everyone else gets organized. Sometimes I come in the morning and feel lost for about 30 min, because everyone is busy setting up. They just tell me to wait. It’s the longest, most uncomfortable 30 minuites of the day. As a stage being busy, and feeling like you know what you have to do is so important. They don’t want me to do anything without them, but they want me to feel free to do what ever I want. I’m still trying to figure it out.

All of the dutch food Kyle and I have eating has been very light. They use barely any salt or oil, at De Kas they usually only use butter in the winter. Everything is really rustic too, like the cherry clafoutis cherries still have the stones in them.


  1. Colleen says:

    Traditionally, in Clafoutis, the cherries are supposed to have stones in them, as the pits are supposed to contribute to the flavour. (Supposedly, almondish.)

    That is a pretty funky jack stack that they have to stack the plates! I like it. It does look a bit like a hotel. That is too bad, but it is still worth learning the ropes. It might help you later in your career for large functions. Nothing wrong with that.

    I like your comments about having a regular job every day when you come in. Ask them if they could write a list for you of regular jobs.

    Don’t party too hard. But have a drink or two for me.

  2. Lidbin says:

    Sounds like everything is happening as it should. I am very happy for you Crunch, ok i’m a bit jealous. Haha, i’m still here anytime you need. Love

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