Making Soap

Food — By Crust on November 4, 2013


At the Hollows we were having trouble finding natural, affordable, lavender hand soap. I insist upon having lavender hand soap because my Grandmother always used Yardley English Lavender liquid soap in her bathroom, and the smell is very comforting for me. We wanted something a little more environmentally friendly so we decided to make our own. It is actually quite easy to whip up a large batch and our bar manager just does it while she is cooking up the bar syrups and ginger beer. We are really proud of it.

The other hand made soap we use is in the kitchen and it is made by Kyle’s mom Jody. It is a bar that contains coffee grounds that is all natural and is incredible at getting strong smells such as garlic off of your hands. Using these simple products gives me such a good feeling and helps us avoid big generic companies.


  1. Myra says:

    Admirable. More people should be like you.

  2. The Other Mom says:

    Looks great and I bet it smells good too.

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