Lunch or “5 Hours of Fish”

Food — By Crust on May 8, 2014



We went out for many coursed lunches, after a while instead of saying, “are you ready for lunch?” We began saying, “are you ready for 5 hours of fish?”

This place was the best, I can’t remember the name of it but the room was very modest and it was in a basement. All of the wines were by the bottle and they had and incredible cellar of white wines, we enjoyed them so much.

The seafood at this place was the best we had in Spain. The gooseneck barnicles were my favourite, but then my camera died.

The final course was a whole flat fish cooked in lemon and brown butter, so simple but so good. We picked all of the sticky bits off of it until it was just bones.

*I didn’t take as many pictures of this trip as I would have liked because I had a new camera that wasn’t easy for me to use. I think I am going to get a new iPhone and use the camera on that from now on.

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