Knives in Holy Toledo

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Toledo Spain is very religious hence the term “holy toledo”. It is also famous for knife makers there are many knock offs, but it is easy to tell the originals when you walk into a knife makers shop and he is missing fingers. The knife maker was very old and he has been making knives all his life.

Chefs are knife people, and we were like kids in a candy shop. Many of the knives handles were hand carved bone and antler, and the blades are hand forged. We bought some knives that will be with us and our families for the rest of our lives.

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  1. Adam Waggoner says:

    Hello! I recently went to Toledo and bought a knife, however the rent-a-cop at the train station confiscated my knife along with two others that my friend bought. I bought the one in the pictures above, handle made of olive wood that had ridges in it, that make the handle look like it has waves on it. Since this knife is coming up in many different pictures from different places, i am wondering if the one i bought it from was a knock off or was the real one. Do you know where you saw this, or the name of the shop you went into to see it? Thanks!

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