Just 1 more day, then 1 more week, then only 40 years…

Food — By Crust on December 16, 2009


This is a picture of what I see everyday on my walk to work, it’s not the most beautiful, but the mountains are still amazing to me every time I look up.
On Saturday at work every time someone would start to get frustrated someone else would say, “don’t worry, only one more day, then one more week.”
Then someone else would say, “yeah, and then only 40 more years, ahahahaha!”

Boneta is closed on Sundays and then will be closed for a week for Christmas. They are so smart to do this, they have a big heart and a good sense of decency. December hasn’t been as bad for me at Boneta. It is very organized and simple, the big parties that come with December have been smooth. December just about killed me last year. Last year at the restaurant I was at it was so unorganized, there we special party lunch menus and 3 different dinner menus. The communication was shit between front and back of house and amongst the back, and it was stressful for me everyday. We had to work Christmas Eve and be back on boxing day.

My mom is flying me home for Christmas, because I can’t afford to fly myself home, because I just flew to Van last month. I am so grateful for this because everyone is going home for Christmas. We all just need to keep it together this last week.

The other day during prep somehow we started talking about how sweet it would be to be a house wife (Scotty decided it’s still called a house wife even if you’re a man). You would wake up, get the kids to school, go to the market, smoke a joint, do a little gardening, do some yoga to keep that ass tight for the one bringing home the bacon, and cook dinner for only 5 people, ha! After we talked about it there was silence for about 10 minutes and then we all looked up and laughed because we realized we were all still dreaming about how good that would be right now. But instead we’re grinding it out 12 hours a day, cooking for hundreds, making the most perfect food that we can. Only 40 more years to go.

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