I’m sick

Food — By Crust on March 20, 2010

I got sick. I can’t believe it, I’ve been trying to cure myself naturally by making broths full of medicinal ingredients. The one pictured is a weird one. I’ve been getting organic chicken carcasses from whole foods by my house and making tea like broths. This one has fresh turmeric for it’s anti inflammatory properties, dried pine mushrooms, fresh pine needles, ginger, garlic, and all the usual stuff. I also finished it with some oregano oil that I steeped, some cherry blossoms that I cured in salt and a squeeze of lemon. I’ve also been eating a ton of citrus fruits. I bought some nice wild flower honey to put in my tea as well, and I’ve been taking lots of hot baths. Gotta get to work, it also helps to sweat it out on the line.


  1. Matt R. says:

    My kitchen has been very lucky this season with illness. Such a pain. Oil of oregano works great, as my father in law says “it hurts going in, and it hurts going out, but it works”.

    I prescribe mega doses of echinacea and vitamin C when people in my house get sick, but sometimes there is nothing you can do but wait.

    I am sad that citrus season is almost over. I love oranges and grapefruit.

  2. Owen Lightly says:

    It’s cheaper to just get a bottle of ginseng. I think that’s all thats Is in cold fx.

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