Grease Traps

Food — By Crust on December 18, 2015

This is a little something for the cooks. This morning I was lying in bed and I realized how proud I am that we “do” our own grease trap at The Hollows. When we first moved into our restaurant building we hired a company to suck out the grease trap because we had no idea what we would find in a grease trap from a 50 year old Chinese restaurant that had been closed for several years prior to us taking it over. Since then our “do it yourself” attitude has taken over and we realized that we could just suck it out ourselves with a shop vac and dump it in the oil bin. We have a special old, cheap shop vac that we found in the basement that we use specially for the grease trap. It is easy and gross but we don’t mind because we love to be as self sufficient as possible, and we don’t use that much oil.

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