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Before I left for San Francisco I shredded up the inner parts of the cabbage that we have left over from one of the garnishes and set it upstairs to ferment while I was gone. When I got back I had a successful batch of sauerkraut. I made choucroute out of it and we ate it for staff with pomme puree and left over blood pudding. I’m going to make a bigger batch this week.

I have internet today but I haven’t had it in a week so I’m posting all my blogs that I haven’t been able to post. Hopefully the internet will stay strong so I can post once every day or two instead of this crazy bombardment.


  1. Slamice says:


    I’m a friend of Ryo’s and read your blog sometimes. I know it’s a little late but I just had friends fly a round trip to San Fran for $100. Someone sompletely seperate told me about this airline as well. Thought in case you ever wanted to go back to check it out…


    it needs good timing though, for the departure and arrival dates.

  2. Crust says:

    Wow, thank you so much. I do hope to go back there maybe in a year or so. I love when people share info.

  3. Colleen says:

    Describe the fermentation process. Did you salt it? Did you add vinegar to it? Both? Details please. Was it in cool storage or warm storage?

  4. Crust says:

    I guess I should have talked about the process. But really all I did was slice the cabbage and then sprinkle on a little coarse salt, and add some water. I weighted it down and then put a rag over it. I put it upstairs in dry storage and I think it took so long because it is drafty up there. I came back a month later and it was done. No vinegar. I had one successful batch at home with no water added, just the water from the cabbage. Lidbin and I had a bad batch because there was not enough liquid to cover it and it went moldy. I didn’t expect much from this one and it was great even with savoy cabbage hearts.

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