Fear and Loathing in Holland

Crust out of the kitchen — By Crust on September 1, 2009









We went to Holland’s Disneylandish thing, it is super old and based on Scandinavian fairy tails. Families gave us dirty looks as we smoked in Fairytale Forest and then power drank before running around the park. Kyle kept making me jump off the train while it was moving when he saw a ride he wanted to go on.

We found an old bar with a carousel in it and we stayed there for a bit pretending that we were in the real Fear and Loathing. Then we went on some more rides. We got some more wine and borrowed a row boat, we were supposed to bring it back but we realized that the parking lot was across the pond. Kyle beached the boat on the grass on the other side and we ran off to buy waffles before going to our car, the boat drifted off into the middle of the pond. God we’re assholes.


  1. The Other Mom says:

    But FUN assholes!!!

  2. Godfrey Jones says:

    Nice pic of kyle eating the waffels!!!!!

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