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Food — By Crust on September 4, 2009


Omnivore’s Dilemma taught me about ethical meat, I just started reading Bottemfeeder. I heard about it form Bryan who was borrowing Lucas’ copy. Since I’m back in s’toon and bored as fuck I’m reading shitloads again. Bottemfeeder is very interesting. I want to do things as good for the environment as I can, except no one can stop me from driving my 1980 Camero. It’s 3 am, I gotta go, but this shit is important, the stuff about the fish. For real.


  1. Colleen says:

    Great book! I have been recommending it to all kinds of people. I just can’t buy salmon anymore.

  2. Owen Lightly says:

    What site is that on your computer? Looks cool.

  3. Crust says:

    Owen, I posted this as a sign of solidarity, to show my support for what you had posted on your blog. I’m glad you posted what you did.

  4. Matt R. says:

    God that book was boring. It’s written like a really, really long newspaper article.

    I am loving the Nootka springs right now.

  5. Colleen says:

    I think that we will have to agree to disagree Matt. I found it had a purpose, was well written, and gave more than one perspective.

  6. Matt R. says:

    I actually agree with you, but it was like reading a news paper article for two days. You have to admit it!!

    He’s no Pollan or Buford. It’s a common criticism of Grescoe’s book. PS it’s next to my bed for the second reading, and salmon is coming off my menu for the fall. I just can’t deal with it anymore.

    Bring on the farmed trout and char!!

  7. Colleen says:

    I don’t read newspapers… I guess I have nothing to compare it to. It was a journey. It wasn’t romanticized. It presented a lot of information, yes. But I found it very readable. Far more readable than a book like “Salt”. Salt was like trying to read an encyclopedia or history text. It was tough to get through. But Bottomfeeder made me want to come back for more. I had a hard time putting it down some days. But I am also quite passionate about the subject matter. Maybe that was the difference for me.
    Congrats on taking a stand, Matt! If more chefs were like you, attention to this matter would be far more front and centre in the media.

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