Don’t worry just try

Food — By Crust on March 16, 2010

I’m not very easy going when it comes to trying things I’ve never done before. I over think and worry about not doing it the best that it can be. This stops me from enjoying the process of learning through trial and error. I need to try, and not be afraid to fail. The worst that can happen is I’ll learn a lot, and I can always try again. This is what keeps you humble. Just jump in and try. If you’re not sure how to do it don’t worry just try, it’s the only way.


  1. Hey Christine – I can’t find any way to email you from your blog here, so feel free to delete my comment after you read it…however I’m hoping you could email me as Lauren Mote @ The Refinery and I have an idea we want to pitch to you.


  2. Trevor says:

    i live in perpetual fear of fucking up my food costs due to botching a few x’s of something.

  3. Crust says:

    Hi Jackie, my email is christieapeters@gmail

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