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Food — By Crust on April 25, 2009

The secret dinner went well, I’m doing another one this Tuesday but it is fully booked. I’m really glad because the first one was really hard to get people, but in the end after much struggle I got 12. I learned a lot from the first one, so the second one will be easier. A cool author/illustrator gave me a book as a tip and I got to talk about why I chose each coarse. The coarses were based on things like the environment, locality, season, health benifits and obviously flavor. I think I’ve just been tripping out lately about food sources because I’ve been reading the omnivore’s dilemma. I was conscious of it before I read the book but just even more so now. I worked at Chow because they used almost all local organic products, they have compost, and they let me have an herb garden on the patio. I think restaurants have a responsibility to do the right thing regarding supporting local food and helping the environment.


  1. BryGuy says:

    Isn’t that my book?

  2. Kyle Michael says:

    no bryan i have your book HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Crust says:

    Yes Bry they are all your books except for the chicken soup one, that one was my tip.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Dear Crust,

    Have been following your kitchen angst for awhile. I empathize. If you are interested in Michael Pollan, you may be interested in this:


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