Food — By Crust on December 10, 2008

I haven’t taken any pictures because I fell into a depression. Since I started meats Ben and I have had different days off. We haven’t had a day off together in 2 months. Also at work we have been prepping for endless parties of 40 people, 75 people, ect. all special menus or canapes or buyouts. Communication between everyone, front and back of house is poor so we are all in a constant state of trying to keep it together and organized. Meats is slow and steady just alot of planning and big jobs to stay on top of the big parties. The pig comes tomorrow and it is going to be a big job. I am very tired and depressed, and until a few days ago I’ve just been working and drinking. Today I realized that I haven’t talked to any of my cook friends in a while because they are also getting killed by the holiday rush. I’m trying to excersise and eat properly (take vitamins) to help my mood. it is working a little. Lots of work very sad and tired, drinking sherry.


  1. nolt45 says:

    Tamara thinks that fish oil has helped with my depression spells. Maybe that helps?
    I hope things perk up. Take it out on the pig.

  2. crust says:

    Thank you Ty, I’m glad to hear that because this naturiopathic chick told me the same thing so it’s good to know that Tamara backs up that theory. I ‘ve been taking omega 3-6-9 and this weird anti stress thing with all the B vitamins and C, E, and Iron. I think it helps.

  3. Lauren Mote says:

    at least you’re drinking sherry – it could be worse – my depression go-to cocktail was straight gin, or colt 45 (when i was 16) – don’t tell anyone.

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