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Food — By Crust on April 18, 2009

Today I started to run out of mise during service. I stayed calm and told the chef. He went to the back and prepped more to bail me out. I kept it together and got through the night. I was lucky that the chef helped me get more mise en place. Tomorrow is my last day, I will try my best.


  1. Owen Lightly says:

    What do you do when you have two lobster on order, but only one left in house?

    I have had to answer this question to Hawksworth. Not fun.

  2. ac says:

    You make a farce!

  3. GQ says:

    Always check your backup,try being 5 entrees short for 250 at a Royal dinner because you trusted your banquet chefs counting, small advice to you if your in charge count everything yourself, I never made that mistake again.If all else fails be honest with your chef WAY BEFORE you actually run out, you did the right thing that’s the chef job to bail you out.

  4. Colleen says:

    Good luck on your last shift!

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