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Food — By Crust on March 26, 2011

I’m trying to put kitchen hardcoreness behind me but, I’m continually fascinated. When I was visiting Bryan in Vancouver I read his copy of the Momofuku cookbook, and I couldn’t believe how hardcore David Chang is. It was disturbing how he gave himself shingles from work and stress and basically waited until half his body went numb before taking a break. At first I was like no! that shit is too crazy but here I am still thinking about it a couple weeks later. To be the best takes everything you have at every moment, Chang almost having a stroke and Grant Achatz working around the clock while doing chemo, these young chefs are unbelievable. I would never do that but it is inspiring to think that there are people that do. Also David Chang sounds like a total dick, he swears and drinks and never sleeps like old Boudain and I can’t get enough of it! I really feed off of that craziness to keep me going in the kitchen. I really want to be in any kitchen. My burnout time is over, I really want to get back in there. I’m supposed to be writing a Philosophy paper right now so I should probably go, it’s really an ‘everything at once’ time for me right now


  1. *** cook says:

    Come to NYC and join the party.

  2. Crust says:

    You never know, I just might!

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