Compostable dish sponge

Food — By Crust on January 12, 2011

I got this sweet dish sponge from a store in Saskatoon called The Better Good. It is made of plant materials, loofa and cellulose. It is a good dish scrubber, the name of the company that made it is “Twist”. I want more natural things like this when I open a pub. I would love to find a compostable mop head. Loofa is a gourd that grows like a pumpkin that is full of a fibrous seed pod that can be used for scrubbing.

I also want a drain in the floor of the bathroom in my pub and I want the entire bathroom to be tiled floor to ceiling so that I can hose it down every morning. While I’m wishing, I want one of those steam sanitizing washer/dryers so I can wash my own (organic cotton) kitchen rags and linens. Ha!

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