Chef’s congress

Food — By Crust on September 23, 2010

Kyle and I accompanied Jeremie to the Chef’s Congress in Duncan BC on Providence Farm. We drove up in a matte black ’74 Ford Bronco named “Snowflake”. We camped and we cooked. Jeremie’s dish was a lightly smoked scallop, with celeriac remoulade and a butter and parsley emulsion. I didn’t take many pictures for some reason. I was too busy eating getting wasted. It was pretty sweet, camping then stumbling over to the coffee truck in the morning for a perfect latte. I remember I was super stoked on the seaweed they had there, I didn’t get much info out of the guy at that booth but his seaweed was delicious. One was fried in duck fat, and one was dressed in dashi. I love seaweed, I try and eat one seaweed thing per day.

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