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The team is good. The greens pictured above are beautiful and delicious tatsoi, the cups are a dashi custard that is so good; they are the sable fish garnish. I’m loving matsutake, cauliflower mushrooms, and black trumpet mushrooms right now. But washing the black trumpets seriously sucks. It’s crazy how all of the mushrooms come from the real forest, with pine needles and dirt and bugs and everything. The gnocchi with brown butter are amazing. It’s the best gnocchi recipe I’ve seen yet, so consistent. I’ve been doing entremat all week, but tomorrow I’m learning garde-manger and then the weekend on the pass with Jeremie. So for the next two months I will be entremat 2 days, GM 1 day and on the pass 2 days. Paul taught me the pastry plating today, his desserts are very good. He has one with pumpkin, grapefruit and white beer sabayon; with caramelized cardamom ice cream. He likes to put my mise en place in funny spots when I’m not looking hence the fig in the kale in the first shot. He has a very artistic side.

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  1. Mum says:

    yay! you’re having fun again!! xox mum

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